Watershed management action plans

FMCN | Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza
The PAMIC website is a showcase for the Action Plans for the Integral Management of Watersheds written by a coalition of several mexican government institutions related to environment and climate change, private non-profits, the World Bank Group and the Global Environment Facility.

Graphic with sun, mountains, top of a watershed

The project

FMCN launched a request for proposals for the development of a website to publish the action plans (PAMICs). The objective of this website is to raise awareness of the hydrological basins, help the public understand the changes that are occurring due to climate change and explain the key challenges of each of them. In addition, for a more specialized public, offer technical information on watersheds and management plans.


Information layers

Complex Information, Multiple Audiences

An important challenge of this project was to produce a website that, at the same time, was accessible to the general public as an outreach document and also served a more specialized public to access technical and detailed information.

The solution we implemented was a layered navigation, in which the complexity of the information presented increases progressively. At the top and most accessible part of the pages, simple introductions to the topics are presented, in plain language. For the most specialized public, downloads and modal windows are available in which you can find technical data, data tables and files for working with geographic information systems.


The Solution

To achieve the objectives of this project we used a set of processes and tools:

  • LeafletJS to program interactive maps that show information captured in Drupal
  • An information architecture to meet different audiences
  • Cheerful and spacious design to facilitate readability and make a pleasant experience
  • Infographics to explain the key points of each watershed

Greenery and birds, illustration

Services provided