Redesign of the SRI Website

SRI | The Sexual Rights Initiative
January - July 2019
The Sexual Rights Initiative is a coalition of national and regional organizations based in Canada, Poland, India, Argentina, and South Africa that work together to advance human rights related to sexuality at the United Nations.

SRI Website screenshot

The Project

The SRI team was looking to renew their website to present the coalition in a more clear manner, improve the user experience to promote navigation of the website and position SRI’s website as a reliable source of Human Rights information.

Other goals were to translate the website to Spanish, French and Russian, and to comply with accessibility standards.

Our Approach

We suggested a visitor-centric communication strategy: a site that supports the visitor’s goals, is conceived from their perspective and caters to their needs.

While this might seem obvious, it is frequently the case that a site is conceived as a description of the organization and its offerings, rather than being a response to How can we help you?


A diagram explaining the Human Rights Mechanisms at UN

The Solution

In order to achieve the goals, we focused on:

  • A well crafted information architecture to make the site structure is easy to understand for all audiences
  • Clean, open design that promotes easy scanning and readability
  • Component-based architecture for page flexibility
  • Graphics and illustration to support content, provide visual cues and information, and make the visitor experience pleasant


Finding the Coalition's Voice

Finding a way to present a diverse, global coalition of organizations was a particular challenge of this project. To achieve it, we had brainstorming sessions with each of the members with the goal of discovering the style and personality that best reflected the group.

In the end, we landed on an eclectic visual style, derived from images taken from textiles and pottery from all the places where the SRI is present. We made a collection of images that represented each country, and mixed them creatively to produce the visual style for the coalition. For the color palette, we tried to use the colors of the members logos.

Through that process, we achieved a style for the SRI that reflects its diverse and collaborative nature, and presents it as a human, warm, radical, rebellious and professional coalition.

Illustration of a mapamundi upside down

Image of people gathering and interchanging ideas

Services Provided