Redesign of The Bonn Challenge website

IUCN | International Union for Conservation of Nature
The Bonn Challenge is a global goal to bring 150 million hectares of degraded and deforested landscapes into restoration by 2020 and 350 million hectares by 2030.

This is a screenshot of the map of pledges on the website.

The Project

The Bonn Challenge was looking for a renovation of their website to announce how they've reached and surpassed the 2020 goal. They needed an engaging, informative and inspiring website with a fresh, clean and vibrant look that would draw attention to the progress made and that could also motivate action in current and future pledgers, in order to reach the 2030 goal of 350 million hectares restored. 

Clearing misconceptions

One of the issues IUCN wanted to address was to clear the misconception that they where just "planting trees", and to communicate to audiences how restoration is not just meant to be for forests but for all kind of landscapes. 

We developed a series of illustrations with different landscapes, as well as icons to explain the different intervention types that can happen in them. These guided the color palette, user interface design and other graphics that can be found throughout the website. 

This is an image of several landscapes

This is a screenshot of a graphic showing Brazils progress

Progress & API

The IUCN developed the Barometer, a tool that measures progress made by the pledgers based on success factors that create favourable conditions for restoration. 

We did not want to duplicate information in two different locations, so we connected the information displayed at the Barometer through an API and developed a visual chart to represent how pledgers are doing with their commitment. 

The website pulls the information directly but also allows the editor to feed the progress page with additional information like reports, updates, priorities for restoration and resources. We almost always aim at content flexibility so if a country has more information than other, rather than showing empty fields, the design of the progress page will adapt. 

Guiding pledgers

We designed and developed an infographic to guide new pledgers on how the process works and what steps they need to follow to commit to the Challenge. 

Each of the steps can have a button to show additional information or point to existing resources on the Resource Center, to encourage them to join. 

This is an image of a megaphone

This is an illustration of a mangrove


Besides collaborating with the IUCN staff and becoming part of the team as we usually do; on this project we were very fortunate to team up for contents with Natasha Vizcarra, an excellent freelance science writer; and with Greenhouse PR to support the 24-hour digital event: #RestoreOurFuture as well as provide visual assets for the materials they crafted for it. 

Interactive timeline

On 2022 we designed and integrated an interactive timeline of the Bonn Challenge since it's beginning in 1990 all the way to 2023, showing the main milestones at the first glance and giving additional information on modal screens. The timeline has an alternative version to adapt to mobile or small screen devices. Another prominent feature is that the timeline is editable so it may grow and adapt for the future. 


This is a screenshot of part of the timeline we developed.

They spent hours on the phone with the IUCN team understanding our needs and making recommendations for how we could best achieve our goals. Their project management skills are outstanding – they coordinated with several IUCN staff, our research and writing consultant and an external PR agency to keep things moving. I was particularly impressed with the extra effort they put in to understand the topics our site focused on and how they made a last minute push to get our site live in time for a major event. We loved working with Matrushka and highly recommend them!

Swati Hingorani, 

Global Coordinator, Bonn Challenge Secretariat