Mesoamerican Congress of Native Bees Website

The Mesoamerican Congress of Native Bees wants to highlight the biological and cultural wealth of which Mesoamerica is heir. Through its website, we seek to inform about the event, facilitate assistance and publish relevant resources for the community interested in bees.

Native bee

The project

The organizers of the Congress approached us seeking help to make a website that would help them spread the event and register both speakers and participants. The site would also contain, once the event was over, the memoirs of the presentations.

Congress speakers pictures

Pertinent Technology

At the beginning of the project, it was proposed to include a registration form within the website. As we progressed in identifying the requirements of the registration process, we realized that these were more complex than initially anticipated. The development of a registration system like the one the Congress needed would have been too expensive and complex, so we recommend using an existing solution: RegFox. The Congress organization flowed well and RegFox proved to be an adequate solution.

It is important to recognize when we really need to build something, and when it's better to use a product that is already made. Instead of trying to do all, we try to help our clients identify the best solutions, even if they are outside of Matrushka.


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