Interactive screens for the e-book area

FIL | Guadalajara International Book Fair
2014, 2016, 2017
The e-book area is designed for service providers in the areas of digital editing, content and support.

The objective of this space is to bring digital product and service developers together with their potential clients, whether they be publishing houses, libraries or readers themselves.

Picture of the interactive screens area

The Project

When ebooks were at their peak, the Fair installed a place where visitors could learn more about the devices where they could read, in addition to traditional book. 

In addition to providing these physical options, the content to be consumed was provided. Each sponsor of this space required a digital showcase to present their company and display their digital books.

Screenshot of one of the screens showing content

The Solution

For three years we developed a software for large multi-touch screens. On each screen you could read a presentation of the company in question, browse the various digital reading contents, whether digital books, audiobooks or applications, learn about the events that would take place at the Fair, as well as read their social networks.

Each of these years, in addition, animations and interactive games were programmed in JS to make the showcase attractive. The whole look also changed every year to match the institutional image of the Fair's Guest of Honor.

Picture of people interacting with the screens

Services provided