Injusta Justicia

RESURJ, Vecinas Feministas y Balance
Injusta Justicia is a campaign launched by RESURJ, Balance AC, and Vecinas Feministas in partnership with other local organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. With #InjustaJusticia they want to reflect on the limits of the criminal justice system as the only defense strategy for the protection of sexual rights and reproductive rights of adolescents.

Esto es una imagen.En la imagen se observa un cuadrado naranja, en donde aparece una joven con los brazos alzados y una sonrisa en el rostro. Está en una especie de parque con árboles y plantas detrás de ella.

The project

The goal of the project was to create an informative website where the campaign was explained, some real cases were shown and resources for political advocacy were provided.

The main audiences of the site are:

  • The feminist movement in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • People and organizations that focus on Human Rights, especially youth and adolescents
  • Decision makers from Latin American and Caribbean countries

The intention is to trigger a dialogue and encourage conversation about the Human Rights vulnerabilities that exist when trying to use penal systems to defend the Sexual and Reproductive Rights of adolescents and young people.


One of the most interesting challenges of the project was web accessibility. Although for years at Matrushka we have been complying with WCAG 2.0 level A and higher standards in all our projects, in this case we had additional requirements that led us to learn even more and to refine our skills in the matter.

An example of what we integrated for Injusta Justicia is that the infographics that illustrate each case were accompanied by a link with an accessible and complete description. Furthermore, we took extra care with the alternative labels, both on the interactive map and on all the other pieces that build the website.

Esto es una imagen. En la imagen se muestra una infografía del caso de cristina, uno de los casos del sitio web de Injusta Justicia.

Esto es una imagen. En la imagen se ve, ilustrada, la silueta de América Latina, con algunos paises marcados con otro color indicando el número de casos.

The map

On the homepage you can explore the cases on an interactive map. By clicking on each country, additional information is displayed on a modal screen and from there, the user can visit the full page of the case of their choice.

To do this, we created a Drupal module for infographics, which allows the information to be editable through the content manager backend and allows the map to remain valid in the future. In the module you can add a background, an intermediate layer with animation and various points on the map that are arranged with X and Y coordinates, to coincide with the geographical location. As a result, the organization manages 100% of the website content and does not depend on us as developers.

Esto es una imagen. En la imagen se ve una ilustración de Andrea, uno de los casos del sitio.

Esto es una imagen. En la imagen se ve una ilustración de Jaime, uno de los casos del sitio.

Services provided

Esto es una imagen. En la imagen se muestra una captura de pantalla del blog del sitio de Injusta Justicia.