ICPD25 Commitments

IPPF | International Planned Parenthood Federation
June-July 2020
Database of the government commitments made during the Nairobi ICPD+25 Summit, and an analysis of regional and global trends carried out by IPPF.

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The project

In order to contribute to implementation and accountability at the national level, IPPF collected and analyzed the commitments made by the 137 governments who participated at the Nairobi Summit.

To ensure transparency and data validation, there are links to the UNFPA Nairobi Summit website for each commitment.

The website includes a guide and definitions to help the visitor. It also has a page where a brief and charts of the reports made by IPPF can be consulted and links to where the visitor can download the full PDF. 

Visitors may switch between English, Spanish and French.   


Connecting information 

For this project we had a very tight schedule and since IPPF had already gathered the commitments information on a spreadsheet, we developed an importing script that communicates such file with the database and consumes the contents, making migration easier and faster. 


This is an image where you can see a spreadsheet and the database