FMCN | Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (Mexican Environmental Fund)
BIOCOMUNI is a biodiversity monitoring protocol carried out by the ejidos and communities of the country, which focuses on the conservation of the biological wealth of Mexico.

Cactus silhouettes and a Mexican desert.

The project

When we joined the BIOCOMUNI project the monitoring methodology was already created, the flora and fauna monitoring manuals were complete and training for the brigade members to collect data was underway.

It was time to think of an accessible platform for the analysis, aggregation, entry and publishing of all the information the brigades were going to generate twice a year. 

The FMCN and CONAFOR (National Forestry Commision) needed help with information architecture, user experience design and user interface design.   

Esto es una captura de pantalla del diseño de interfaz que realizamos para el proyecto.

Esto es una captura de pantalla de las maquetas de arquitectura que realizamos para el proyecto.

The Information Management System (IMS)

The IMS is the internal side of the project. It is a password protected system, accessible via the web, where the brigades can enter the information from their monitoring. There are various layers of access; Administrators, for example, have the ability to modify catalogs, add new species, and authorize content before it is published on the web.

For this system, of complex structure, we created information architecture and user experience mockups, with the main objective of making it easy for ejidos and agrarian communities to present data on fauna, vegetation and environmental impacts in an orderly and systematic way. We also included an exhaustive list of operation and behaviour notes, since we would not be the ones developing the platform.

Throughout the process, we followed up in virtual meetings with all decision-makers from FMCN and CONAFOR, as well as the lead developer.

User Interface Design (UI)

The external part of the project is a website where the results of the monitoring captured in the IMS are published.

The results are visible both on a map and through queries made with a form and filters. The user can also: review species and order cards through a list; consult the catalog of downloadable documents; read more about the institutional side of the project; and get in touch with the team through a contact form.

For the site we developed information architecture and user experience mockups, as well as interface design. For both, we prioritized vertical and horizontal navigation, as well as the connection between elements of the site, which promote the visibility of all content. These were delivered to the external developer, who was in charge of programming and launching the webpage.


Esto es una captura de pantalla donde se muestra el catálogo de documentos para descarga.

Hiring the Matrushka team for the development of our project was a wise choice and an excellent option. Talented, creative, with great knowledge in their area and high standards of compliance and professionalism. Not only do they have the virtue of listening and adapting to each of their clients' needs, but they will do their best to materialize your ideas and propose innovative alternatives to improve your project.

- Denice Lugo

Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza

Screenshot of the interface design for the Species page, within the Biocomuni site.

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