From our beginnings in 2013 we decided to work with clients whose actions and missions make the world a better place. For Matrushka, this means working with organizations that are procuring elements that match our vision of the world: those who promote human rights, help conserve nature, and spread or enrich culture.
We value and respect diversity in all its forms: race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation and gender identity, abilities, classes, beliefs and ages. Diversity enriches life, promotes the exchange of ideas, personal growth and the evolution of the human being.
Knowing and hearing the opinions of others, learning how and where they grew, what scarcities or privileges they have, leads to empathy, which allows us to comprehend the world in the broadest sense, makes us better people.
We believe in the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that says that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” One of these rights is the right to work. At Matrushka we commit not to discriminate against any applicant or worker, regardless of their physical, sensory, intellectual or communicational condition.
We are aware that even if this article exists, there is still a long road ahead for equality; in practice, we can't yet all enjoy and access the same rights. Internally we try to implement equality as much as possible, we base salaries and benefits on capabilities only. Externally, we have worked and will continue to work with feminist, queer, liberal organizations, who fight against inequality and gender violence; in favor of sexual and reproductive health and rights, family planning and bodily autonomy.
In our projects, we keep in mind user diversity: for several years, websites and software we produce meet the accessibility criteria WCAG 2.0 level A, in general, and AA for color and text contrast. We want a healthy world, with balanced ecosystems.
We want any human being to live in peace, with full enjoyment of their rights. We want the arts, natural resources and the benefits of scientific advancement to be accessible to all.