Social Justice Abortion Fund, MARIA

MARIA is the acronym of Women, Abortion, Reproduction, Information and Accompaniment; in Spanish.

Fondo MARIA is an abortion fund that supports women in Mexico who need to terminate their pregnancies and do not have the needed resources to access legal abortion services.

They offer guidance, economical and emotional support. They work to make visible the free sexuality needs of women and the injustices they go through when they make the decision to have an abortion.

It is the first abortion fund in Latin America and is a member of the National Network of Abortion Funds in the United States - NNAF, the Latin American Consortium Against Unsafe Abortion-CLACAI and the National Pact for Life, Liberty and Women's Rights.


Why did I choose them for the monthly donation?

In Matrushka, I have had the opportunity to participate on several web projects for this organization and to have a better understanding of the needs that the women behind Fondo MARIA work with.

Health and dignified life are rights compromised for women in the face of society's stance on their fertility and their ability to decide about it. This problem is exacerbated when women are living on a daily basis or in small, isolated communities. The money donated to this fund will help a low-income woman to overcome the problems she faces in an unwanted pregnancy situation.

Although economic resources cover a good part of the need, this problem is not only solved with them. As citizens, we can advocate for legislation that favors access to safe abortion to reach our communities. Making it easier for more women in our country and in the world to make free decisions about their fertility and their future. Conception must be planned and desired, or it must not be.