Community and Biodiversity - COBI

Comunidad y Biodiversidad (COBI) was launched from the inspiration of a group of young people fascinated by marine life and concerned about the poverty levels in developing countries.

For more than two decades, COBI in collaboration with women and men from 34 fishing communities in Mexico, have co-created demonstrative models to restore marine ecosystems and the fishery.

Their goal is to promote marine conservation and sustainable management of fishery resources hand in hand with the coastal communities of Mexico. The organization works under an environmental, social justice and gender equality philosophy. Their work contributes to achieve healthy ecosystems. 


Why did I choose them for the monthly donation?

Nature, in particular the ocean, brings me immense joy. Since I was a child, I've been in love with marine ecosystems and its wildlife. Three year ago I became a scuba diver which made me go even deeper into this fascinating blue world. It also made me aware and put me in direct contact with the problems faced by marine and water resources. One of these problems is overfishing and destructive fishing practices.

Since then my consumption of seafood has dropped to almost zero, and while I'd like to inspire others to do so as well, it is challenging. 

Providing an alternative and sustainable source of these resources becomes an initial step. I chose COBI because it dedicates its day to day to: educate fishing communities in healthy practices, allow ecosystems to recover and to promote that we consume locally, that we economically favor the small ones and not the large fishing companies that are the ones who do the most damage to our oceans and therefore to the planet.