Fernanda Villava


With formal training in Communication, her experience as project manager and public relations started in the publishing industry where she has always focused on making things happen: from coordinating the Rights Center in the second largest international book fair (FIL Guadalajara) to coaching teams in the adoption of digital solutions. Her varied experience and attention to detail turns her into a great project and content manager. Book devourer, shark advocate and passionate scuba diver.


Noel Rivas


Industrial designer that migrated early in his career to the digital world. Has more than 15 years of web design and development experience, and in many projects acted as a liaison between the design, content and technology worlds. He has a strong focus on human factors and on making sure that the software developed, aside from being well written, actually responds to the projects’ needs. Freediver instructor, avid cook and amateur writer.


Josué Martín


Computer and mechatronics engineer devoted to graphic arts and literature -he writes short stories from time to time-. He finds himself constantly divided between being a designer or a programmer, which is why he loves web developing. Josué has been developing web for more than 5 years, focused primarily in frontend. His attention to detail achieves a high quality final product that meets the customers needs. Physics admirer, in love with nature and obsessed with tigers.


Tocho Macias


Visual designer with more than 20 years of experience in the graphic world and art direction. More recently he has specialized in User Experience and Interface design, what turns him into the designer equivalent of a full stack developer. He enjoys doing illustration (particularly extraterrestrial beings) and getting the color just right for every component. STAR WARS fan, Coffee addict and food lover.

We love what you do

We work on subjects of our interest, and of which we always seek to know more. In each project, we try to soak up the nature of the project to become not only a provider, but a strategic ally.

Through our projects, we have learned a lot about biodiversity, sexual and reproductive rights, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), climate change, bees, museums, curation, book fairs and a whole lot of other things, always in the areas of our interest: Human Rights, Nature and Culture.

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We can't know everything

Like Russian nesting dolls -Matrushkas- we have learned to assemble the best team for each project, weaving skills together to solve specific needs and meet your expectations.

Joyful collaboration

We believe that, through our work, we can make the world a better place, and that starts at home: we strive to make collaboration in Matrushka (within the team, with our clients and other partners) joyful and satisfying, allowing us to have purpose and also, freedom.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.


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